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The new bet of Tarazona Agrosolutions: A new way, a new future
Miguel Tapias nuevo Director General de Tarazona Agrosolutions

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Exploring Tarazona Agrosolutions’ Innovative Agricultural Solutions: An Interview with Managing Director, Miguel Tapias

In this interview, Miguel Tapias, the CEO of Tarazona Agrosolutions, details the distinctive features of the recent phase undertaken by the company. In this new stage, the partial spin-off of Antonio Tarazona and the beginning of a new journey under the name of Tarazona Agrosolutions were reported.

What is the purpose of the turnaround?

With the creation of Tarazona Agrosolutions, the continuous evolution and business consolidation, the result of more than 70 years of accumulated activity, is materialized. Our goal is to evolve, providing a different service to our customers, adapting to new circumstances and the new agricultural scenario. We want to help farmers to contribute to food production in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way through the We are committed to providing healthy and effective solutions to overcome the important challenges of the future, as our slogan indicates: “A new way, a new future”.

With the new company, what is the strategy to follow?

Our main strategy is to focus on innovation and to provide even more value through our products and services. For them we created the Tarazona Agronomics project, an initiative based on research, development and innovation that was born with the purpose of both supporting and taking sides in the scientific field of the agricultural sector with the commitment to disseminate the knowledge generated.

What role will sustainability play?

Tarazona Agrosolutions’ proposal focuses on having products that meet the needs of both the present and the future. We are committed to offering healthier and more sustainable products, thus contributing to the preservation of our environment. Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our long-term vision, which is why we innovate sustainable products through Fertilosofía®.

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