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The pillars of the project

Product development

The objective is to help the different participants to generate documentation and data about the new products developed and to be able to try and test in fields the multiple solutions promoted by Tarazona for crop care.

Thanks to our continuous improvement efforts, we develop fertilizers under the principles of Fertilosofía® to offer the farmer the most efficient and sustainable nutrient solution for his crop.

Implementation of FERTILOSOFIA®.

This initiative is launched with the aim of disseminating and putting Fertilosofía® into practice. In this way we have the support and collaboration of a multitude of institutions with extensive experience in the agricultural sector with which we promote training and make available to all users the information necessary for the proper use of fertilizers.

For efficient and sustainable fertilization we need to know the soil and crop needs, choose the fertilizer that best suits and use the right amount at the right time.

Collaboration with public entities and organizations of reference

We are currently collaborating with universities, technology centers and other leading public organizations to achieve greater scientifically based agronomic efficiency.

Our objective is to reach new collaboration agreements with other technological entities to continue developing value-added solutions, generate knowledge and promote Fertilosofía®, disseminating its principles and promoting its implementation at all levels.

Training for 
  define the strategy   

Farmer training

In order to put Fertilosofía® into practice and carry out efficient and sustainable fertilization, it is important to know our growing environment and its characteristics. Our technical-commercial team advises both distributors and growers to define the fertilization strategy best suited to their needs in order to find the balance between production and sustainability.

In this way, we develop tailor-made fertilizer plans, field days, talks, specific product and crop brochures, factory visits and any type of activity necessary to develop the knowledge of our stakeholders.

The universities and technology centers contribute with their scientific vision and Tarazona Agrosolutions with its technical-practical vision, which brings us closer to both traditional farmers and the new generation of agronomists.