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Announcement of partial spin-off of Antonio Tarazona and creation of Tarazona Agrosolutions

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After all this time collaborating and working together, we started a new journey under a new name: Tarazona Agrosolutions, S.L.U.

Tarazona Agrosolutions manufactures and distributes a wide range of high value-added crop nutrition and protection products and offers integral solutions for your crops from sowing to harvesting.

A new name and corporate name, derived from a spin-off process achieved thanks to a continuous evolution and business consolidation, the result of more than 70 years of accumulated activity.

This change will allow not only a renewal of our image, but also a more current and global approach, further enhancing the corporate values historically applied to the purpose of a modern, expanding company with a great projection.

We are convinced that this change can only reinforce the existing collaboration, offering new opportunities, challenges and challenges to continue strengthening this present and future project that we share.

“A new way, a new future”

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