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Dear customers,

Through the foregoing information we want to inform you that, due to the last events in relation with COVID-19, since last MONDAY MARCH 16TH we have started up our Internal Contingency Plan in its phase 2 with the purpose of protecting our workforce without impacting our activity.

Our sector takes part in the important task of feeding the world. If the crops do not yield and don’t give us their valued fruits the population would become barren of food. Fertilizers are key for the crops’ nutrition and hence they are essential for the food availability and for human feeding. For social responsibility, Antonio Tarazona SLU will maintain its activity unless official authorities suggest the opposite.

This is why, in Antonio Tarazona S.L.U. we have adopted extraordinary safety and prevention measures regarding the protection of our employees both in the orders’ preparation and in the rest of work task, with the purpose that despite the circumstances we can keep providing service to our customers. We are highly committed to this cause and we assume that together we will overcome this situation.

With the awareness that we face an external situation which nobody knows the impact it may have, we ask you for comprehension and we hope that with our endeavour and your collaboration we can beat this situation in the best possible way. .

Our activity will only be affected by a closing of the facilities from 13.30 to 14.30 h for carrying out clean-up activities and the corresponding shift change. The rest of the activity remains as usual.

Thanks for your collaboration,

Yours sincerely, please receive our warm regards,


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