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Encuentra productos nutricionales y fitosanitarios para cubrir las necesidades de tus cultivos

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In TARAZONA, we have always concerned about quality and continuous improvement. As proof of this, we have just passed the certification audit fertilizer manufacturer according to RD 506/2013 by Bureau Veritas Certification, a global leader in conformity assessment and certification.

Some of the most important requirements to obtain it are:

  • Sampling and analysis of raw materials and finished product to check composition, wealth and other characteristics guaranteed.
  • Tagging for identification of production lots which allow to correlate the origin of raw materials used on their manufacturing process.
  • Traceability system for all raw materials used in the product development process and identify the product placed on the market.

This provides our customers a guarantee of quality as to be regular checks on processes, products and raw materials and ensures that production fulfill the specifications.

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