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SAM 5503 Converted

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In our commitment of taking care of the environment and promoting an ecologic agriculture we have obtained the certification of organic products for a wide part of our fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers promote an organic agriculture which is committed with the obtaining of the maximum nutritive quality and contribute to the sustainable development of the environment, conserves the soil fertility through the rational fertilization, adjusting the quantity of fertilizer to your crop needs, having in mind the moment of application and the best way to go on with the fertilization.

Organic agriculture favors the rural and environmental development preserving the content of organic matter in the soil and avoiding erosion, promotes the sustainability of the agricultural production favoring the soils fertility and maintaining the natural cycle of the ecosystems and crops.

It also offers a higher efficiency of the resources (soil, fertilizers, water, etc.) exclusively destined to the crop for the obtaining of an optimal output.

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